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A Great Man’s Birthday

Today is a great day! Today a very nice person is celebrating his birthday! This person is now beloved all over the world!

This person is Vladimir Putin. This year for many people around the world he has become the politician who stood against the war. For peace.

When in 2009 the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the person, who sends the troops to the countries that have oil; to the person at the order of whom thousands of innocent people get killed, cities and civilians get bombed, the entire international community considered it as a slap in the face of common sense. Yet this person—“the last protector of democracy and tolerance”—is tolerating Guantanamo. That terrible concentration camp of the 21st century. He stands against people dying.
So how is Putin better than him? Well, at least he speaks out against the war. Wars, in which ordinary Americans get killed. Americans who are sent there by their 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner. Putin stands against bombing.
Even the Americans after Putin’s letter to NYT expressed their approval of Putin, praised and supported him.


Putin is doing everything possible to prevent a war in Syria. And for that, people say to him "Thank you."

And today people from all over the world are sending their birthday congratulations to Vladimir Putin and are saying “Thank you for peace!” They are writing that it is him who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize this year. (By the way, here is the information of his nomination for the award.)
I would like to join everyone and also say “Thank you!” Thank you for the peace, Vladimir Putin! Happy Birthday!
1. Italy. Calabria. “Happy birthday, signor Putin! You truly deserve the Nobel Peace Prize!”

2. Italy, Rome. “Happy birthday, signor Putin!”

3. Israel, Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall "Happy Birthday, Mr. Putin!"

4. London, UK "Happy Birthday, Mr. Putin! Thank you for keeping the peace! "

5. Spain, Madrid "Happy birthday, signor Putin! Thank you for the peace! "

6. Serbia, Belgrade "Happy Birthday, Mr. Putin”

7. Germany, Berlin "Happy Birthday, Mr. Putin. Thank you very much, Vladimir the peacemaker "

8. United States, Washington, DC, "Happy Birthday, Mr. Putin! No to war, yes to the peace! "

9. USA, New York "Happy Birthday, Mr. Putin! Thank you for the peace! "

Join all congratulations and also say Thank you! Thank you for the world, Vladimir Putin! Happy Birthday!

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